This evening yet another Martin Luther King Jr day passes quietly into the night. Still sort of a quasi-holiday, as in the minds of many it’s still a “black” holiday. I remember back when it was first established, there was sort of a smirk on many people’s faces when they mentioned it, and there was a touch of pride when they mentioned they were working that day. Regretably, I think even my face had that smirk at first, as I thought, “We don’t need another special holiday by another special interest group”. I was young and in certain respects a little ignorant. Well educated, smart, but still ignorant.


Growing up in a heavily white community, going to school to learn about Pilgrims, the American Revolution, Lincoln and slavery, and maybe a little WWII and Spanish missionaries in California, it was a heavy dose of mainstream history. Not much at all about civil rights, not much at all about poverty or about any civil unrests, with only a touch of alternative views in a few high school classes. We knew so much but at the same time knew so little.


If someone asked me about the problem with blacks and whites, way back, part of me would look at the stereotypical black ghettos in some big cities and say “Problem is black people don’t want to work, they just want to steal”. I had no real awareness of what went on in many people’s lives, and also no awareness of how other outside forces (prejudice, automation and factory closings, criminal justice system, etc) can really affect communities. It was only as grew older that I became aware of a lot of these other things. Like how freeway construction never went through the rich white part of town, instead often destroying parts of larger cities to provide convenience to heavily white suburbs. Like how corporations never outsource the heavily white executive suite, just the multi colored lower levels.


I even have to admit that only this month did I learn that contrary to what we were told in class, and contrary to what mainstream textbooks and news outlets still state today, James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King. The deed was done by a government / mafia / private collaboration.


Yep, fake news was alive back in the 60’s as well. Turns out that the King family prevailed in a 1999 court case that showed James Earl Ray was not the guy. Just a patsy set up to take the fall. Funny how that trial was not well publicized, and I’m sure very few people are aware of it. Over 2000 reporters at the OJ Simpson trial, and only TWO reporters at the King trial. We, as a society, are staring at the National Enquirer sensation and missing out on the big news. I’m sure it makes many a government minder happy, but it does horrible things for our society as a whole.


As you can read in the links below, numerous parts of King’s security detail were dismissed the day of the assasination, and an Army sniper team (mentioned in Bill Pepper’s youtube video) were standing by to actually do the hit. A local police marksmen beat them to it, as I guess they were the backup in case the police guy missed. There is a lot of interesting information, so it’s worth a read and some video viewing.

The jury placed 30% of the blame on the main defendant Jowers, and 70% of the blame on the US and local governments.


Interesting youtube video on the below web page, where Bill Pepper talks about Vietnam,US govt, etc:


I hope MLK day continues to gain strength, and that people also question the “official” news more often. This country needs more honest discussions and more in depth information that can help people see the related causes of a problem and potential areas to work on to improve things.


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