Hilary & Vladimir

Is the average American sitting in their high chair, watching mainstream news outlets and Facebook, while waiting for the pablum to be delivered? It would seem so, after seeing all the Russia / hacking / DNC / stolen election news lately. Getting lost in all of that are the facts, however inconvenient they might be. So here’s a few things I think should be mentioned:


Hilary lost the election. Period. Why? Because not enough people voted for her. Why is that? Maybe because she did not go out seeking all voters (no visits to Wisconsin, among other places). Maybe people didn’t approve of her mishandling government documents and wiping servers, then getting a “Get Out of Jail Free” card from a friendly FBI head. Maybe they didn’t like her selling State Department access and favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Maybe they didn’t like how she, the DNC, and certain media outlets schemed to take down Bernie Sanders and give her unfair edges in the debates. There were an awful lot of negatives. It was ironic that after all the Clinton push in the debates to get Trump to promise to abide by the election results, it was Clinton that showed signs of not abiding.


Some have claimed the US wasn’t ready for a woman President. Nonsense. The US wasn’t ready for a CORRUPT woman President. Add in a vice president candidate that generated all the inspiration of library paste, and you have a ticket that has no appeal to many Americans. There were no younger candidates, no non-white candidates, no non-corporate candidates, no new faces (except for Donald). “Why vote?” is a question many Americans asked themselves, and stayed home that Tuesday.


This whole business of Russia being the evil global force out to destroy the world is a little ridiculous. In the debates, Hilary mentioned that “17 US intelligence agencies” had agreed that Russia had hacked the DNC. Yet no such decree was ever issued. The problem is that a soundbyte is issued, and major media outlets are either lazy or have agendas, and repeat the soundbyte until be becomes a “fact”.


Then on November 24, the Washington Post had an article decrying “fake news” and listing some 200 fake news sites that were supposedly controlled by Russia. This was immediately spread by other mainstream outlets, and became a rallying cry in some quarters. The only problem? Only a handful of those sites were fake news outlets, and even less were shown to be controlled by Russia. The rest were real websites run by real people, delivering real information. People such as David Stockman, the budget director in the Reagan years. People such as the veterans of the USS Liberty. People such as Ron Paul. This smacks of McCarthyism, where false accusations were trumpeted at truth. Take a look at the PropOrNot group that provided the information for the article. Shadowy members, recently formed. Smells a little fishy to me.


Then just this week, another claim that the Russians had hacked a Massachusetts utility. Started in the Washington Post, it was another baseless claim. So this weekend, we kick out some Russians, to teach them a lesson.


What is left? A public whose attention is conveniently diverted from Hilary’s misdeeds and the Democratic establishment’s misjudgements. Interesting how that worked out, isn’t it?


I am providing some links below to various sites that have more information. Some of the ones on hacking are done by individuals with backgrounds in that area and computers, etc. Well worth reading.

There are more sites and articles on the internet as well, I just ran out of time.


In closing, I want to also mention that I did NOT vote for Trump and am not a certified TIN HAT wearer. Just in case you were wondering. And that concludes my political post for the day.